Japanese Spitz Dog Breed Characteristics

Japanese Spitz Dog Breed Characteristics

The Japanese Spitz dog is a small family counterpart with the heart of a watchdog. They are quite similar to white Pomeranians, American Eskimo dogs, or small Samoyeds. The Japanese spitz dogs are intelligent, low maintenance, easy to train, and make a great companion for children. Although they look similar to other breeds but they have their own pedigree from, as the name suggests, Japan.

They make very good apartment dogs as long as their daily exercise needs are fulfilled by the owner. Although they are a relatively new breed, Japanese spitz dogs are becoming increasingly popular due to their pleasant temperament and their ability to get along with other dogs and children or to say their ultra-sweet nature. They will make a perfect first pet so long as the owners are prepared to meet their exercise needs and learn the basics of responsible pet parenting.


Japanese Spitz makes a good apartment dog. They are small in size and looks as beautiful as a snow-capped mountain when it sits on your couch. Their grooming needs aren’t much. They are pretty smart and adapts to your schedule in no time. Although they are small in size but their bark is quite louder given their body structure. So, if you are comfortable with a little extra noise Japanese Spitz dog will make an excellent choice.

Their sensitivity level is low. So if you have a crowded household, throw a lot of parties or have got together’s quite often, Japanese Spitz will mingle in no time. They won’t take anything to heart until you keep throwing in casual treats from time to time. The thing to remember is they cannot be left alone for a long time or else they will get anxious. Someone must be there to play or spend time with them. They are resistant to cold and loves spending time in cold weather. On the other hand, their tolerance for hot weather is quite low.

Japanese Spitz Nature

They are super friendly by nature. Japanese Spitz was bred to be a small companion dog that is cute, loyal, friendly, and smart. Japanese Spitz is very affectionate towards their family. Despite their Friendly behavior they can get violent and aggressive while protecting their loved ones and owners. That proves their loyalty. This breed loves the children the most. So if you have little munchkins at your home, fret not for this breed is perfect for them from care and loyalty perspective.

They can also mingle up with new dogs and make friends very easily. This breed is not so forthcoming towards strangers as they are towards their owners. They will bark, surprisingly loudly, at strangers who enter their territory, though they will calm down if humans they trust reassure them. They should be introduced to visitors comfortably.

Health and Grooming

Japanese Spitz is considered to be fairly healthy with a few genetic conditions that affect other purebreds. They are known to be prone to luxating patellas( a condition where the kneecaps become dislocated) however that is hardly the case. They may have runny eyes from time to time. Japanese Spitz is also known to develop dry skin but that is when they are bathed frequently. That is why it is very important to only bathe a Japanese Spitz when necessary. Their teeth should be brushed regularly as recommended by a veterinarian. Their ears and paw pads should be checked for signs of infection, parasites, or debris and kept clean. Apart from that, regular visits to your Vet should keep your little pooch healthy and fit.

By the looks of it, you must be wondering that their grooming needs are high. But they have fairly basic grooming needs. Their coat usually repels most of the dirt and debris. They have thick coats so they must be brushed twice a week to untangle the Hairs. They should be brushed with a long brush that can reach their undercoat so that some of the dead hair can be removed.

Coat Color

Japanese Spitz have pure, white color thick coat. Their coat is dry compared to other breeds.

Japanese Spitz Size & Weight

Japanese Spitz dogs range between 10 and 16 inches in height at the shoulders. Females tend to be smaller than males on average. The usual weight of dogs in this breed is 11 to 20 pounds. Though there is disagreement about the proper size of the Japanese Spitz, they are usually larger than Pomeranians, which share many common characteristics.

Feeding & Trainability

Japanese Spitz puppies between 8 and 12 weeks old need 4 meals daily Japanese Spitz pups 3 to 6 months old should be fed 3 meals in a day. Puppies 6 months old to 1 year two bowls of food in a day. By the time your Japanese spitz hits his/her first birthday, one bowl every twenty-four hours is typically sufficient. Some Japanese Spitz might eat two smaller bowls. It is your duty to adapt to your dog’s eating habits.

Top-quality dry dog food provides balanced nutrition to adult Japanese Spitz’s and may be mixed with water, canned food, or broth. They may love cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables, and cooked eggs, but these should be less than 10 % of their daily nutrition. The pups should probably be fed high-quality, name-brand puppy food. You should try to limit “people food”, however, because it can result in vitamin and mineral imbalances, tooth and bone concerns, and may result in some very finicky food choices and obesity. Give clean, potable water at all times, and make sure to clean food and water dishes daily. Casual treats should also be thrown from time to time as it helps in their training. They are pretty easy to train and very intelligent breed.

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Cute Dog like this Beagle.

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